Thank you to all those who submitted a proposal to present at IT@UofT 2024. Applicants will be notified in April.

Presentations will be aligned to the IT@UofT 2024 conference theme “Better Together” under one of three streams:

Artificial intelligence

In this stream, step into the realm of AI to explore how machine learning algorithms can revolutionize collaboration and workflows in teaching, learning and research at the University. Presenters will share insights on AI-driven innovations, ethical considerations and practical applications that allow and empower us to work better together.

Collaboration and teamwork

In this stream, unlock the power of effective collaboration within the University. Presenters will discuss strategies and success stories for fostering inclusive teamwork and leveraging interdisciplinary collaboration and diverse perspectives. Through examples of methodologies or collaboration tools, attendees will leave with inspiration and best practices that align with the IT@UofT Strategic Plan.

Information security

This stream focuses on safeguarding data, privacy and intellectual property at the University. Presenters will dive into cyber security challenges, risk management and compliance, guided by U of T’s Information Security Strategic Plan. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how information security flourishes in a culture of trust and collaboration — we are secure together.

Presenter resources

Use the IT@UofT 2024 conference template for your PowerPoint presentation.


1. Do presenters need to register for the conference?2024-03-06T11:45:53-05:00

Yes, all selected presenters must register for IT@UofT 2024.

2. Are all breakout sessions presented in person?2024-03-06T11:46:34-05:00

Yes, all breakout session presenters are required to present in person.

3. How long should the presentations be?2024-03-06T16:25:51-05:00

Presentations should last no longer than 50 minutes, including engagement elements such Q&A sessions. Please review the proposal submission guidelines for more information.

4. Will there be a moderator assigned to my presentation?2024-03-06T11:47:30-05:00

Yes, a couple weeks before the conference, you will receive information on the moderator assigned to your room/presentation. Based on your preference, the moderator can be responsible for introducing you and moderating your Q&A session. They will also act as timekeepers to keep you on schedule.

5. Do I have to use the conference template for my PowerPoint presentation?2024-04-01T12:47:30-04:00

If you are using PowerPoint for your presentation, you must use the IT@UofT 2024 conference template.

6. Will the session title and description provided in my proposal submission be included in the conference schedule?2024-04-01T12:48:02-04:00

The session title and description provided for accepted presentations will be included in the conference schedule and may need to be edited, depending on the length of the content submitted and for clarity. Refer to the character/word limits below for the conference schedule:

  • Session title: Maximum 15 words/100 characters
  • Session description: Maximum 80 words/500 characters
7. Who do I contact if I have questions about my presentation?2024-04-01T12:48:17-04:00

Please contact

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